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Some Features of our Collaborative Care Center:

  • You will be your own boss
  • You can develop the type of practice you want within our structure
  • We have been in the community for almost 30 years and have a wonderful reputation and brand name
  • We have extensive experience with managed care plans including helping clinicians with credentialing
  • We have and seek a diverse client base and are open to minorities and marginalized communities
  • We are LGBTQ+ friendly
  • We have a beautiful physical space in a charming older Victorian building on Newton Square – a major intersection and the gateway to the west side of Worcester
  • We have ample off-street parking, a charming waiting room and large offices
  • We have a reasonable fee structure encompassing various modalities including in person care, telehealth or both utilizing a hybrid system
  • We share referrals and our therapists and psychiatric clinicians are as busy as they want to be.
  • We have currently 2 psychiatrists and 2 nurse practitioners
  • We promote a culture of friendliness and openness
  • We have peer supervision available for those interested
  • We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Every clinician operates differently
  • We are open to providing telehealth opportunities only which increases opportunities for clinicians from other parts of the state

Opportunites For Therapists And Psychiatric Providers

The Newton Square Counseling Collaborative has opportunities for independent licensed clinicians to join our practice. We are looking for like minded therapists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists to join our practice who are interested in providing telehealth treatment or a hybrid version of telehealth and in-office treatment. If you have thought of having your own independent practice within a collaborative model, we may be right for you. We offer our practice platform including help with credentialing, billing, video conferencing, referral sharing, and space among other services. We are based in a beautiful Victorian on the West side of Worcester. We welcome clinicians who prefer to practice via telehealth from anywhere in Massachusetts. All things are possible. We have been blessed with many talented mental health clinicians practicing independently under our collaborative umbrella since 1993. Recent advances in telehealth care offer clinicians great flexibility and a healthy work–life balance. We are a supportive group of dedicated clinicians. If interested, email us at or call Ginny at 774-239-2820.   We would be happy to talk to you and see if it’s a good fit for all of us.


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